The only way is up!

Hi ladies I thought I would share with you what’s been happening with me in my work life and to possibly give some hope for the ladies still battling at the moment.

So I’m back at work I started back on the 5th January and I’m loving it. We’ve been having a move around with jobs at work and as I am currently a claims handler for home insurance company I have risen to the highest I can so I’ve taken the plunge and applied for a new position in customer care. I didn’t think I’d even get a look in because I’ve been off work for 10 months and because of my condition but low and behold within an hour of submitting my application I got an interview!! It’s tomorrow at 11 so I am nervous but excited.

I passed up a lot of jobs within my company because I was too scared but going through what I have and reading about what others have has given me a new view on things and that’s that I need to think of me. I’m just as important as the next person!

So wish me luck and I will update you all once I know…

Also hopefully I find out how my treatment has gone on on Friday fingers crossed!!! Xxx

For the ladies who don’t know my story I have advanced CC and was diagnosed on the 4th March last year. I went through the mill and back I was do poorly the treatment almost killed me but I kept strong and fighting and I promised my two nieces that I would beat this…I’m doing this for them. My treatment ended in October and I’m now back at work almost 3 months later and I now feel like last year didn’t happen. The only thing that others see about me that shows I’ve been poorly is my short hair as I lost it all and my tiny frame from the extreme weight loss.

If I can do it so can you xx

Hi Carmel121

All the luck in the World for your interview today!!!

I am sure you will smash it & be successful. I will have  absolutely everything possible crossed for you, eyes, fingers & legs!! .....then same & again for Friday for results.

As you say, the only way is up after rock bottom!

Go for it!!!

Lots of love & Luck xxx


Oh this is brilliant Carmel! :-)

I am so, so happy for you. It's quite amazing isn't it how once you've survived cancer it becomes far more important to make every day count. Your self-esteem improves (after a while) and you can really turn your life around. Really hoping the interview goes brilliantly for you today :-)

Be lucky :-)

Carmel you are brilliant, wishing you lots of luck today.

Mel xx

 Brilliant Carmel.

Look forward to hearing how your interview went.

I bet Friday can't come soon enough. 

I can't wait to get back to work x 

I saw one of my little people today and felt so loved x 

Good luck. Let us know how it goes xxx

Good Luck Carmel with your interview you are an Inspiration YOU GO GIRL xxxxxxxxxxxx

Carmel, you are indeed a real inspiration to those ladies who are going through treatment, or still have it ahead of them. You just prove that no matter how bad it gets, you can get some normality back, and forge ahead with a career too. Sometimes it just takes a while. So Good luck to you x

Hope the interview went well.... And you get good news Friday.:-)

Sophie xx

Wishing you good luck for your interview 


That is brilliant news!! 

Fingers crossed your interview went well and good lass for going for it. Nothing should be stopping you from doing anything now, you sound like such a strong lady. 

I wish you all the best for today as well. I will be thinking of you. 

Laura xx

Thank you for your kind words everyone! I didn't get the job but that's only because someone else experience of the role where as I didn't....It was very close though and I've been asked to apply again if the role come up.

My appointment for last Friday was cancelled as I needed to face my mri scan 1st which is now this Friday so fingers crossed I find out soon!!! Xx

Hi Carmel sorry to hear you didnt get the job this time you are so brave for putting yourself forward for it. I hope all goes well for you on Friday is this your 3 month scan? I will be thinking about you keep us posted xx 

Hope you're not too disappointed about the job. 

I bet you can't wait to get the mri scan over and done.

I'm counting the days till mine

Hi, my scan was one of two for my 1st check up following treatment. I get my results Friday as long as the appointment isn't changed again!

i was actually kind of releived that I didn't get  job I think I just needed to prove to myself that I can do it.

i will keep you all informed xx