The nurse’s comment has made my very anxious

I had my 3rd smear a couple of days ago. My two previous ones came back with normal results. During the smear, she said she just needed to get her senior nurse to check something. She’d already said prior to beginning the smear that she may do this if she’s struggling to get a clear view or anything like that so at this point I wasn’t concerned.

The senior nurse arrived arrived and had a look and then asked if I had the coil in as she could see what looked like coil strings/threads. I’ve never had the coil so I was confused by this, I explained this and she just looked baffled.

I have had period issues for quite some time, heavy and irregular, and mentioned that during an ultrasound last year I’d been informed I do have some scarring inside and wondered if that’s what maybe looked thread-like. The senior nurse said “oh that must be it”. They took another sample and then left me to get dressed. Afterwards I was just told to wait for the results of the smear (roughly 2-4 weeks).

After I left my anxiety took hold and I spent hours googling and have found nothing that sounds like what they saw. I’m aware that it can’t have been too concerning as I haven’t been referred anywhere.

I called my GP yesterday and asked if someone could call me to go over the ultrasound results from last year, they were fantastic and someone called within a couple of hours. They said it couldn’t have been the same scarring detected at my ultrasound as that was in my womb, not my cervix. They’ve invited me in for late next week for someone to have a look to provide some reassurance. I’m just so worried though as now I have no idea what could possibly have looked thread like?

It’s worth adding the womb scarring has also confused my GP in the past as it’s usually seen when someone’s had a D&C which I’ve never had. Has anyone experienced anything similar?