The new high risk screening (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but it looks fabulous. I've had HPV hanging over me for 6 years. I had stage 3 cells and had them removed 4 years ago. 

My specialist put me on annual screenings until 2022 and referred me back to my doctors. I always have my screening in June and haven't had my invite through yet.

im particularly impatient as I am wanting to start a family (age32) and I know pregnancy hormones can be pretty nasty if Hpv is present.

my doctor has told me that due to advances there is a new high risk screening and if that is clear then you go back to 3yearly. This is terrifying as mt specialist said that I could be dead in 3 years if stage three cells are left.

im trying to get in touch with my specialist to see if he can convince my doctor to see me annually. He isn't in work until Friday and I desperately need peace of mind.

im googling private testing-I'm prepared to pay but it's annoying that I should need to.


has anyone else experienced the above? 

Hi there,

Hope you're ok, you need to take some deep breaths and calm down a bit - I know it's hard but you're going to work yourself into a frenzy if you don't. What do you mean by 'stage 3 cells'? Do you mean pre-cancerous CIN3, or cervical cancer staged and stage 3? That would make a huge difference depending on what you mean. I've had CIN 3 twice - 6 years apart. Lats time (in Dec last year) I have stage 1a1 CC, but I think I was just unlucky. I've had HPV the whole time too, however this is not uncommon and lots of people live with HPV all their lives.

I really do think specialist saying you'd be dead in 3 years is extremely unprofessional and should never say that - it's completely untrue and very far from the reality. CIN 3 cane take years and years (up to ten) to turn into CC, plus it might never ever turn into CC - it can just stay as pre-cancerous forever,

In regards to your screening, every lady on this forum goes back to 3 yearly screening once you get a clear/normal smear result - it is the NHS policy and that is the same for everyone who has been treated for CIN. I have had cervical cancer, been treated for it and if I get the 'all clear' again at my 6 month check up colposcopy at the end of this month, then I too will be back to 3 yearly smears. Personally I am going to pay for a smear every year just purely for peace of mind but that's up to me.

No matter who you are, the NHS will only put you on the same 3 yearly program as everyone else I'm afraid. As for the 'specialist' who told you that you'd be dead in 3 years, I'd be tempted to question why they said this - seems like an odd thing to say from a professional.

Best wishes, Lucy.