The longer the better?

Some people say no news is good news and the longer you wait for the results the better they usually are


 is this true has any of you actually waited 4-6weeks and had bad news??

 and for those who had bad news :( how long til you heard something?

Hi Amy

I wait times seem to vary from trust to trust but I only waited 2 weeks after my LLETZ biopsy to be told I had cc (I'm in SW London) but I think I had a 3-4 week wait for my smear results.

Fingers crossed you get good news.

Wendy x

Hi Amy

I waited 10 days after my smear and 3 weeks after my LLETZ. I got my histology results 10 days after my RH.

Hope you get good news soon!  :)

Kirsty xx

Thanks ladies just waiting for results back from my biopsy it's been about 12 days x

Hi Amy

I had a phone call 10 days after my biopsy saying that the consultant wanted to see me.  Fingers crossed for your results.



I had colposcopy on 2nd January and lletz at same time.told I’d get results in 4 weeks however today just 11 days later I’ve got a letter saying I have to go back to discuss my results.feeling a mess right now xx

Hi Woo, sending massive virtual hugs.  I hope everything goes ok when you get to see your consultant xx

No Amy,

I am quite certain that this is a myth. I believe that the lab gets the results out just as quickly as they can and that your doctor lets you know just as soon after that as possible. I do not believe for a solitary moment that all the lab results are put into two piles, good and bad and that the bad ones are released before the good ones. What would be the purpose of that? Would somebody actually be paid to perform that task? Why? Devilment? Torture?

Be lucky


Ah Tivoli

You are very sensible and wise. It certainly makes sense when you say it that way!

Please may I pre-book you now for any future stressful situations, cervix related or not?

You are a very calming influence indeed :-) 



Thank you Suzy :-)

You can contact me whenever you like. I can't promise to be able to calm you in any given situation but I'd love the opportunity to try.

Be lucky


Ah thank you Tivoli,

You are indeed a good 'un