The long wait....

Hey girlies,

so, I'm just over 2 weeks on waiting for my biopsy results (impatient I know!) but is it the norm to get your results back at around 4 weeks? Even if it's something back? Or do they fast track your results if it's urgent?

I know I'm probably panicking a bit cause they didn't seem too concerned when I had my colposcopy done. They had initially told me I had 'low grade dyskariyosis' which I think is CIN1? I could be wrong? But on actually examining me properly, she said she doesn't even think it's CIN1 & that it just looks like the HPV virus (high risk) but she took 2 biopsies anyway & I'm still waiting for my results.

I contacted the hospital yesterday & they hadn't received my results yet & that there was a back log, but she said if they thought it was urgent they'd have fast tracked it. Has anyone else experienced this & got good/bad results? I'm just praying they come back normal... 

Any advice would be great!! :) sorry if I sound silly


Not always the case but I'd say the longer the wait, the better the results. 

I think based on your smear results & what the doctor had said its very very unlikely for anything more sinister to be found.

I think we all worry regardless of what's found/said so don't best yourself up over worrying.

my results were marked urgent & I had them back in 10days. 


Thank you hun!! I guess it's just our nature to worry :( our mind does crazy things to us lol..

How did you find your treatment? I get panicky just thinking about having any (if I needed any) especially injections - I honestly can't deal with them, I even had 2 fillings without having injections lol think I would rather feel the pain :/ how silly is that?! Lol

how do you feel in yourself now? do you have the HPV virus? Makes me unhappy to know I have the high risk strain.. Almost feels like I have to spend the rest of my life in fear.


Well my case is a little different than yours. I haven't had a Lletz or anything as my biopsy result came back showing cancer cells.

 I go in on Sunday night & have my operation on Monday. I'm having a trachelectomy (removal of cervix) & some laser treatmet on other areas. My cells have spread to areas around my cervix. 

My op ahould of been on the 4th but a lovely cold & a few other things got in the way so it's now Monday. 

Waiting is by far the hardest bit.

i found waiting for my biopsy results & then waiting for a surgery date really hard! Iv been fine waiting for the day to come but not knowing drove me mad & we end up scaring ourselves with crazy ideas lol. 

Il have my surgery on Monday but then will face a wait again while they look at what they have taken away. 

I also have abnormal cells in my womb so that is going to be looked at closer while I'm under GA but given my age we have decided to monitor.Every few months & to keep it aslong as I can. 

Hard work being a woman!

Hope your doing ok