The Gynae centre (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi so I'm cin 2 and waiting for an NHS lletz which is in 2 months (!) so I'm thinking of going private. I'm based in London and there is a clinic called the Gynae centre which offers lletz and specimen analysis for just under £1,000. Has anyone gone there? Or could anyone recommend another perhaps? Do you know if the results would also come back sooner than with NHS and would they be sent to my GP as well as me. I'm quite keen to get pregnant and I'd rather have this procedure done sooner than later. Any input appreciated!

Honestly if I were you I'd save your money and just wait the extra time. Put  it towards a fantastic holiday or something fun rather than essentially paying someone to do something you can get for free. Don't forget as well that with  a lletz you still have to go back in 6 months to check it's worked so I think it might be best until you're completely clear before trying for a baby anyway? Just in case. 



I know but the lady said they could do it next week and I'd get the results within 48 hours. I think if the results show clear margins and only cin 2 it should be safe for me to get pregnant. Safe enough anyway. The worst that could happen is waiting a few months for my checkup and discovering I'm cin 3 maybe? Which in itself is unlikely. If it was to show cancer after my pregnancy, at least I will have had a child and would be ok to have a hysterectomy.

I'm just terrified this will just get worse and worse, out of hand and I will have missed my chance to have a baby!

It won't :)  cin 2 is still relatively mild changes, and you've had a biopsy to confirm. If there was any chance of it progressing to the next stage you'd have been given a quicker appointment. When I went for my colposcopy and was told I'd have to wait for treatment (as opposed to having it on the day) I questioned whether it  would progress by the time I had it, and was told that these changes are often around for years before they progress... And most never do. Even if yours did, it would still be cin 3 which is perfectly treatable! 


Obviously it's your decision I just think you should spend the money on something more enjoyable than a stranger poking around at your bits ;) but if it's really worrying you then maybe it would be better just to alleviate the stress you're going through. 

Hi Alizee

Wow that is a lot! Makes you appreciate the value of the 'free' treatments on the NHS!

I would seriously keep calling the NHS clinic for cancellations and put the money in your baby fund instead. I have heard a lot of ladies who called up on the off chance and got booked in much sooner. You would have to be available on pretty short notice but it would be worth it to be seen sooner.

With regards to getting pregnant, it is a pretty weird time. Your hormones go bonkers and there are lots of little things to worry about if you are already an anxious person, like scans and blood tests etc. Although you may want to get pg as soon as possible in an ideal world it would be good to wait until you are completely clear, just for your own sake that you have one less thing to worry about. 

Good luck