The gift that keeps on gving

I have just spent an interesting week in hospital, with a 3 way cathereter fitted!!

I got admitted with blood and clots in urine, which went on unabated from early hours of sat morn until the following friday, at which time I had a cystoscopy under general anasthetic. Walking and moving around with a foley catheter for a week is not the best way to spend time I can assure you!  I also had a ct scan, ultra sound and xray.

Of course I was demented with the stress and worry of the possibility that my cancer may have returned, I have no need to try and describe what it has been like, you all know.

They repaired the blood vessel that caused the bleeding, and also took 2 biopsies from a redenned area, although they are almost positive that the reddenned area has been caused by the balloons from the catheter, they have to make sure.

So there we are ladies, Radiotherapy the gift that keeps on giving!


Hi hunni

I don't know where I'm at treatment / stage wise yet 

but I just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon and

everything turns out ok :) 

That sounds awful, you poor kid. Hope that's an end to it for you.


Hi Everyone.

Well I got through the Chemo and the 50 Radiotherapy and I am still here to tell the tail.I did'nt find the Radiotherapy bad at all had two little blips with a temp of 38.8 but that was it.Now I am just sooooo tired all the time,can't even walk into town as if I do I can't get back LOL.But they tell me this will pass.At least I made it to my son's wedding and lasted ALL day and till 12 midnight .It was the happiest day of my life and well worth the fight to get there.Things are looking good for me right now,Just waiting to here when I go back for my check ,they said 4 to 6 weeks.If how I feel health wise is anything to go on ,I will be fine ,as soon as this tiredness goes .I hope everyone else is doing as well as I am .I was so scared when I first came on here .now I just want to help others who feel like I did .so they know not to worry they are not on their own



Hi Gee

How lovely to hear from you, I have often wondered how you were getting on.  So pleased you have come through your treatment successfully. Your sons wedding sounds like it was a wonderful day and that's brilliant that you coped with it so well.

I am doing well too.  My 6 month check up and vault smear was clear, next appointment is in August.

Like you I was so scared at first and I come on here regularly to see if I can help anyone like other ladies helped me - I honestly don't know how I would have coped without them.

I hope things go really well for you after all what you have been through.  Keep us posted.

Love & hugs, Cheryl,xx

 Hi Katie

That week in hospital sounds awful and the fear of it returning must be dreadful.  Its something we all fear and when something happens we automatically think the worst.  I really hope it has all been sorted for you now and that it will all be OK.

 Love & hugs, Cheryl,xx


Hi Everyone.

Well I have had my date to go for my very first check up,its the 21/7/14.  I'm not doing so good now ,if I walk say 12 steps my tummy back and legs  start to ache and I get short of breath.Plus I am so tired all the time yet I can't sleep at night.My family seem to think its OK .I try to tell them I'm not up to doing some things .but they just say "I have a lot on myself right now" so I pold on as best I can but it must me feel sooo ill and I was doing sooo well.I had my last treament on 2/5/24 How long do you think this will go on for please.I need to get my life back and stop depending on other people who are not there for me.Sorry to be moaning.but you are the only people I feel understand what is going on and that will listen to me.

Hope everyone else is getting on just fine .Thank You for being there for me.

your Friend


Hi .I don't know what I'm doing here really,my life seems to be going all wrong now.I am upsetting everyone in one way or an other I feel like giving up .whats the point



Hi Gee

So so sorry you are feeling like that at the moment.  Please don't give up, you've been through so much you are bound to have days when you feel very low.  Life is so precious and you've got plenty of living to do yet.

You can't please everyone all of the time so try not to worry too much about upsetting people.  Some friends and family just can't cope with the cancer thing and so are probably reacting differently to you.  I have lost a few friends along the way which is very sad but if they couldn't be there for me then they weren't very good friends to start with!

Just try thinking of simple pleasures and little things that make you smile.  Hopefully you will turn the corner soon and start to feel brighter.  You will always have friends here, never forget that.

Sending you lots of hugs,



Hi Cheryl

Like I said nothing is going right for me now.I had chronic idiopathic Urticaria a few years back and now it has cime back.Do you think this could be ebcause my imune system is low right now ?




Hi Gee

That is very possible.  Someone told me that your immunity is very low so I started taking Seven Seas Immune Defence soon after and still take them now.  I increased my vitamin intake and also take green tea tablets too.  I really believe they have all made a difference.  Touch wood but I haven't had a cold since before my op so something must be working.

Hopefully you'll pick up soon, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl.

I feel so low right now.someone has told my son that I have been slagging him off and he believes them,so now he is not talking to me.So I no longer see my Grandsons.I'm trying to ignore this in the hope he will come round .He is a GOOD boy just a bit hot tempered some times I love him so much ..But right now I just feel like giving up

A VERY sad



Hi Gee

I am so, so sorry to hear that.  Why don't you write him a letter saying that you would never do that and tell him how you feel, both about him and how it makes you feel.  Sometimes people will read a letter when they can't or won't listen to what is being said.

Don't let things fester and drag on.  You need your family after all that you have been through and your son needs his mum.

I hope and pray you manage to get things sorted very soon.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl.Big day tomorrow,first time back at hospital.I e-mailed my Son .He did answer .but just to answer my  question.He knows I go to hospital tomorrow but I have not heard from him maybe be tomorrow before he goes to work .I know he will be thinking of me Bless him .His wife has been lovely and tried to sort it  bless her. I have'nt told them I have a problem.My bowel is playing up so they think it may have spread to there .that was the one thing I was scared of .Ah well mothing I can do now ,have to face this one on my own.I know you will wish me luck.If I don't come back will know it was not good news.Take care my dear friend.




P.S Son just text to wish me luck and asked me to text him as soon as I know anything Love him to bits

Hi Gee

I wish you lots and lots of luck for your appointment, I will be thinking of you.  So pleased your son texted you and that your daughter in law has been lovely, at least they will be there for you after all.

I hope and pray it has not gone to your bowel, please let me know how you get on.

Always here if you need a friend.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi everyone.Things not going too bad .I had the runs for four weeks .just got over it and picked up a tummy had sickness to deal with to.Got over that then today .Yes you guessed it .I have the runs again.Been on to the hospital .they said nothing to worry about just keep taking imodum .as this can happen to some people and takes a while to carlm down. Apart from that I am feeling soooo much better.Even doing a bit of excercise now three times a day.Plus can do my own house work now and am now enjoying life.

How is everyone eles please? Gee

Hi Gee

Good to hear from you, you sound so much more positive.  Apart from the runs it's great that you are beginning to enjoy life again.  Bet you are enjoying doing your housework as it's good to get a bit of normality back.

I had my last check up on 8th August and all was ok.  My next appointment is a MRI in November.  What's next for you now?

Unfortunately I am not too good at the moment.  I have Hand Foot and Mouth Disease which apparently is a virus that is common in children but rare in adults.  Both hands and the soles of my feet are covered in sore red spots and blisters.  Also have some in my mouth.  Couldn't sleep last night as it was so painful.  The only treatment is painkillers and waiting for it to clear.

Still, we've been through a lot worse than this havent we.  It will be a year next Tuesday that I was told I had CC so I'm certainly glad to be where I am now.

So pleased you are picking up Gee, fingers crossed the runs clears up very soon.

Take care.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry to hear you are not so good.Hope you are soon on the mend. So a year next Tuesday since you were how the time has gone .it will be a year on the 13 Sept ( YES IT WAS A FRIDAY lol) since I was told .it sticks in my mind as it is my youngest grandchild's Birthday.He asked me the other day "Grandma why did you have to find out you were ill on my Birthday?" I said "Because God thought that would be a good way to let me know that I was going to be alright and so now we can Celebrate together" He seemed happy with

I have heard nothing from anywhere since I left Glan Clwyd.So I don't really know what is next hun .I just take each day as it comes.

Right I am picking my little man up from school today and I have not yet had my lunch .

So hope to hear so good news from you soon.I still have my saying "Ican,I will" but now I add     "I Did"


Take Care



Hi Gee

I have just about recovered from the Hand Foot & Mouth Disease now thank goodness - thank you for your good wishes.  Skin is very sore on my hands where the skin has been peeling off where the spots and blisters were but feeling back to normal now!

Loved what you said to your grandson about being diagnosed on his birthday and what a wonderful positive spin you put on it.  Love your saying too, I can, I will, I did.  I had my favourite words Hope Trust and Courage engraved on a silver infinity bracelet just after my ops and I have worn it every day since.  Even the nurses have commented on it when I've been for my check ups.

We've come a long way and I'm so pleased we are where we are - what a difference a year makes!

Keep me posted on how you get on in the future.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl D

Sorry its been so long .but glad to sayall went well for me .Ive had two checks now and everytnig is OK.Now the bad news they did not tell me that the radiotherapy may weaken my bones.yes you have guessed it .On the 17th of Decenber I was changing a light bulb when I felt a sharpe pain and heard a crack.I was'nt even standing on anything.but I menaged to crush two verteebral.I went to hospital and was seen and sent home with two Paracetamol,as they said I had ripped a muscle and trapped a few nerves.I went back four days later and they X-Rayed me and said the same thing .A week later a had a call off MY Dr says He wants me to go for an M.R.I. which I did but while waiting for the result I was in so much pain they had to take me in.I am now waiting to hear from Walton Hospital when to go for an Opp.iOn April 23 rd I go to Gobowen Hospital for a bone scan .and later go back there (after Walton)for treatment for Osteoporosis.So I am still having problems .sorry to say .But at least I got through the Cancer.Hope you are hvaing better luck