The fear

Hi im new to this.

I had heavy bleeding and was passing clots for 7 it got to the stage where I couldn't leave the house.  I was given tranexamic acid and norethisterone, combined pill and other meds.  I ended up getting a decapeptyl injection and put on the provera tablets and tranexamic acid. I also had a transfusion as my bloods at one point were 71. I was given a smear test and a scan during my stays in hospital.

 I was then sent for a colposcopy and was told by the consultant she "thinks" it's cancer but I would have to wait for the results! That was a week past on Thursday I got a call end of last week to go for an mri scan which I had yesterday and I have an appointment on Thursday to discuss my results. I have the absolute fear of what they're going to tell me.  

I know it sounds terrible but see if I hear one more time ow I know someone who had it a hysterectomy will sort you right out, or one "friend" said it can't be that urgent when your having to wait. I'm going to freak out.  I have 3 kids an older boy of 16 and two wee girls 7 & 6.  

Oh man, check out my posts...we sound like twins!! I have two boys, 21 and 5.


I presented to A&E with heavy bleeding, had to have a transfusion as my levels were crazy low. Still waiting on more results..appointment on Wednesday.


Where are you? I'm in East Yorks