The dreaded diagnosis

So this is my first post on here. Still in shock I had the dreaded phone call this morning that my second biopsy came back as cancerous. I had an MRI yesterday on my pelvis and I’ve got my pet ct scan next Tuesday and the doctors are meeting next Wednesday to discuss both scans if they’re back on time to see if it’s spread and talk about treatment. She’s said it’s hard to stage me without scan results but at this point would say stage 1b and has confirmed I’ll definitely been having a full hysterectomy.
Any advice or words of wisdom are well come as I don’t really know what to think or feel at this point.
Part of me is in shock and part of me is weirdly relieved as the wait is over and I finally have an answer x

Hi Lisa, I don’t have any words of wisdom so to speak but had the pet scan on Monday and it’s easy and no bother at all. Just make sure you fast before it and only drink water. I had an mri before and that was worse in my opinion. I was in a similar situation to you first colposcopy I was CIN3 and to go back for Lletz but when I went for Lletz they could see the cancer so said they couldn’t do procedure and took more biopsy’s. Since mri I’ve found out it’s spread a bit and possibly in my lymph nodes so can’t have a hysterectomy. I’m actually fine with that now as know either way it does the same job in the long run. Sounds like the process is moving quickly for u. I’ve got my oncologist appt for the 3rd December so hoping we can get a treatment plan sorted then. The staff I’ve dealt with so far are great but don’t be worried to chase up appointments etc. I’m sure lots of people who are further along in treatment or finished will be able to give you some better advice xx


Morning Steffi, sorry for the late reply my head was all over the place yesterday.
Yeah I’ve had many mri’s in the past for my bad back but this mri of my pelvis was bloody awful. The weighted square thing they put over my body pressed my back into the table and made my back go into spasm. I had shooting pains down my legs and when the scan was over I couldn’t get up off the table. It wasn’t the nicest experience.
I’m sorry to hear that your cancer has spread, like you said hopefully they’ll come up with a really good treatment plan soon and you can get cracking with that asap.
Roll on next Tuesday for me, I’m almost desperate to get this pet ct scan out of the way so the doctors can have they’re meeting on the Wednesday so hopefully I can find out before the end of next week if mine has spread or not. All fingers and toes are crossed xx

Lisa, so sorry to hear about your bad experience with the MRi. Yes they use a weighted thingy with cameras or something on it. If (or rather when) you have it done again, please tell them you were in agony the previous time and you need a support for your legs/knees so that your back is not pressed onto the table. They have all sorts of things to position people on these slabs. Keeping everything crossed the two of you get good results. X