THE dreaded call to discuss results

Hey ladies,


I had my colposcopy with loop last week and I got THE dreaded phone call today, can I attend a meeting tomorrow to 'discuss my results'. Well I know that this is not going to be good news!! Has anyone had this where it wasn't terrible news?? I had already agreed to go ahead with the hysterectomy regardless of the results so I cannot see what I would need to discuss unless the biposy is showing something more than CIN3??

Any advice would be great thanks, I'm yet again sat driving myself insane! x x

Oh hon,

I feel for you. I was a complete wreck waiting to go in for the results, particularly as things went so quickly. Now, I'm not looking at good news, HOWEVER this was nothing to do with the call to come in! Hubby came out of work and we drove miles just to be told that my biopsy results had been inconclusive. So please don't worry, I think that's just what they do! The policies on telling people things seem to be very different from place to place, and sometimes they just dont like to say anything over the phone!

best wishes, hope it goes well,

Molly x

Hi Molly,

thank you so much for replying, it was nice to read that earlier as it did put my mind at ease a little bit. Sorry, not sure if 'nice' is the right word but you know what I mean. 

So, i got my results and it wasn't so bad. It was exactly the same as 2 years ago, a tiny micro invasion of CC and then CIN3 with no clear margins. My hysterectomy is booked and I will be having an MRI and chest xray. I am mainly relieved as I know I have been so lucky on 2 occasions now, I just want the surgery doing so I can hopefully get on with my life. 

I hope you get some firm results soon Molly, it's defiantly the waiting and not knowing that is the worse. Keep us posted and thanks again for your reply x x 


I was called in to discuss my results, but I couldn't really make it as the community hospital is very rural and a £50 cab journey. So they told me over the phone it was CIN3. They had just wanted me to go in because I had been quite anxious and called a few times that week, so they thought it'd be better to talk to me in person