The Daily Mail makes me SO mad!

Has anyone seen the latest scaremongering article on the Daily Mail website regarding HPV vaccine. I understand that the vaccine is a personal choice but I wish people would educate themselves with facts before jumping to conclusions.

One comment has even said "how about teaching your daughter not to sleep around instead!". Oooooooh! It makes me so mad!

The Daily Mail is a pernicious rag that deliberately provokes people into reacting. Try to ignore it, it won't go away but you needn't let it get to you.

om ;-)


Hi Kelly

After the last ridiculous article on CC in the Daily Mail I decided I was never going to buy it or read it again - their loss.  These people that make such comments are to be pitied for their ignorance.  Unfortunately there will always be people like that but we know the truth and hopefully, in time, they will realise how wrong they were.



I saw that article and comments. 

My stock answer for such debates is 'when 3 girks a day are dying from the vaccine like 3 women a day are from cervical cancer get back to me' 

But tact and diplomacy have never been my strong points.