The annual dread plus stress and hpv?

Hello all

Im wondering if anyone feels the same as me....

I had CIN 3 and lletz 7 years ago and a negative hpv test two years ago.  Its time for my annual smear and as usual I am working myself into a complete frenzy, so worried something will come up.

I have had an extremely stressful few months and I am scared stiff that this will trigger something. Ive eaten rubbish and had poor sleep. Last time

I went through a period of severe stress I had CIN 3.

Does anyone know if having a negative hpv means the body has cleared the virus or if it is dormant? If it lies dormant, can stress trigger it again?




Hi sorry i can not help much dint want to read n run try stay karm easya sed then done i no lol but i would really like to no if  stress can bring it on xxxx

Hi, I think it just lies dormant from what I've read. My last smear was hpv negative and smear normal which I was happy with, I worry too that it will become active again from stress or bad diet . I know I'll be worried coming up to my next 6 month check. Maybe try take a supplement or vitamins that will help the immune system, thats what I'm doing. Good luck with your smear fingers crossed you are all clear.