the 6month re-smear has arrived....

So...after my first smear and loop treatment my appointment forrmy 6 month smear has arrived. Due on or after 28th october 2014 however, ive been bleeding for at least the last mont, do I book it and hope it's stopped by then or wait? I know they say not to be tested while your bleeding but when mine starts it kinda doesnt stop for a good few months (only since I had my son 4yr ago)


any advice what to do? Expecting to be sent back for more treatment anyways due to bleeding?

I would ring and ask, as some clinics do the test during your period, whereas others don't. Considering the fact that you've been bleeding for so long, I'd imagine they would want to go ahead and do the test as you can't tell how long you'll be waiting otherwise.

Best of luck with it xx

Thanks for reply! X