The 6 month check

Hey all! Hope everyone is well.

So after my first smear last year came back borderline and the biopsy showed CIN3 with high risk hpv I had the lletz. 

So now on Tuesday I have my follow up check and I'm terrified that they will find something . 

I'm a bit of a wreck at the moment because I'm going through a divorce so feel a little alone.

So can someone please let me know what happens if they find something?  What are the chances realistically of them finding something? 

I didn't cope well when they found something the first time because I thought as it was my first I'd be fine but now I'm worrying it won't be over :(

Hiya, i have my 6 month check on tues too after lletz in jan for cin 3 found at my first smear :( am getting myself worked up about it also. Sorry to hear about ur divorce bless u. I would also like to know about what happens if they find something. Im always here if u wanna chat. Sorry im not of more help xx

Hi Girls,

Im just posting here because im in the same boat as you two. 

I had my first smear at the beggining of the year i was 24 and the result came back high grade i had Lletz the result of that was CIN 3,

I have now got my follow up smear booked for next month and im terrified. I have seen on here that most peoples smears after Lletz come back normal and i Know the Lletz is 95% Effective but it doesn't stop we worringing. Im really scared that they will find something, im not so worried about there still being abnormal cells there because i could deal with that if that was all it was i didn't find the Lletz treatment bad at all but im really scared they might find something more serious. I just want it all over.

Good Luck for Tuesday Nellyboo let us know how it goes. Have you had your results yet Queen Beanie? xx


Thanks Simone22. Hope you're doing ok xx

hi everyone ,

i'm in the same boat as well cin3 on my last smear which was my 1st one, i had lletz under general as the doctor couldnt find my

cervix! i woke up to be told to i'd bled quite alot alot and had the stay in, follow up smear is today and so worried im going to have

to go though the whole thing again :(




Hello Rednat,

I know how your feeling hun im exactly the same. My follow up smear isn't until the middle of next month and im already worrying myself stupid about it. At least you haven't got to wait any longer now though it's just the horrible wait for the results. How did it go? Was it at your GP surgery or at the colposcopy clinic? Have you had any problems since you had the Lletz procedure? xx

Hi rednat. Hope you're ok. How did ypur follow up go? I got mine in an hour and am sat here crying getting muself all worked up! What an idiot i am! Hope yours has gone ok today queenie :) thinking of you. Hope you're ok too Simone. Lots of love xx

Thankfully its done! Back to the waiting game now :( xx


At least its done and out of the way. Try and relax now I know the waiitng is awful but its normally only about 2 weeks. Let us know when you get the results Xx 

Thanks hun. Will do xx

Hey, how u all doin? Ok i hope...just wanted to share my news. Got my results today. It has come bk normal and no hpv detected so bk to 3 yearly smears. Shows there is hope for us all :) :) :) xx

That's brilliant news! I'm so happy for you Xx

Thank u :) got everything crossed for u guys that u get the same results xx