The 2nd smear after llets

On Wednesday I had my second smear 3 years on from having the llets procedure. The smear 6 months after felt ok, no discomfort, no pain in my abdomen, not shooting pains down my thighs, just a normal straightforward smear. 

This one though, has left me with pains. I felt the tool scraping at my cells, I got a pain where my right ovary is, I had shooting pains all over my abdomen & down my thighs & a constant ache for the rest of the day. I'm now panicing that something might be up ?

When I had the smear that picked up severe dyskaryolosis, it hurt & i bled for a day after. I didn't bleed this time around but I've still got the period pain feeling. The thing is, I take the PoP so I don't have periods & in 10 years, I've never had break through bleeding. At least the shooting pains down my thighs has stopped. 

Hey! I've just had my smear 3 years on from my lletz treatment and I'm actually bleeding no pain as such. The nurse said it was normal to bleed after a smear but I've never bled with any of mine apart from this one. She also said it could bring on a period if I was due one. Quite concerning but I'd also like to let you know your not alone.we are in this together.