That magic word... REMISSION has been said!

I just wanted to give an update, as I’ve been busy having treatments, & trying to deal with the menopause!
After 10 long months, I finally got the news I am in remission. Its surreal, I have SO many emotions, and can’t really explain any of them.

I’m still struggling with hot sweats, numbness in leg, & few other things, BUT, I have won, & that has outweighed everything.
I wish everyone fighting this awful disease, such strength, & love.

Loop procedure June 2015
Diagnosed with stage 1b Sqaumous cc
Full Hysterectomy, & transposition of ovaries. 19lymph nodes removed Aug 2015
Found it had spread to a Lymph node
6 Chemo cistaplin
25 radio
2 Brachy

MRI & CT Feb 2016
25th Feb 2016 told I’m in remission!


Brilliant news Sylvia! dancing round the room :-) Keep it up girl! :-D

Be lucky :-)

Well done to you.. brilliant news xxx

Needed to hear this story today...well done you!!!!!!

Brilliant News. Couldnt be happier! xx

Hi silvia that is fantastic news i wish you all the best for the future xx

Lovely news. Am hearing so many lovely stories x x

That's amazing news, I'm so pleased for you. Xxx