after a long 7 weeks wait for a biopsy! I have finally been told all clear. 


Thank you so much for this site it really has helped the horrible wait. I think I have suffered with extreme  anxiety and depression though out the waiting game. 

Im now having to sit back and reflect on how I have been acting and how much I pushed my partner and friends away. 


My my heart and love goes out to everyone on this site 



Hi Abells, that's great news x 

it is such a difficult time, and reading your post I don't feel quite as mad as I have been. I think I've been pushing my partner away and I have told no one else, except my boss, what's going on. Not sure if I'm pretending it's not happening but part of me thinks is it worth telling anyone as hopefully it'll be all clear. 

Thanks for posting and congratulations on your news xx