Life saving, that's what you all are. Thank you so incredible much, I just joined this page.

It's been a daunting six weeks with tests scans, MRI CT, PET, examinations and blood tests.

I stopped listening after the word cancer was mentioned. And decided not to join any Facebook groups. This page though....

I'm up for chemo and radiation in a few days, 29 days then beachy. I'm petrified, scared and just want to cry. I planned my funeral in my head and saw mum waving at me to cross a river in the dreams.  It's been horrendous.


I am a mum of two, I love my job and my friends colleagues are my replacement family while here, I'm originally from Sweden. My sister in the UK is my rock.

I never did a PAP smear here in Australia after an unfortunate incident by a gyno in Sweden at the age of 19. I was scared. 

Thanks to friends who egged me on to seek help when bleeding non stop I'm only in stage 2B, I'm curable.

Reading these inputs made me cry, I'm not alone and will beat this.

Tack. ❤️


Don't look back, only onwards and upwards. You can do this and if you need anything we are here for you. 



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Hey Nina Ballerina,

Just wondering how the treatment is going. Wishing you strength and sending you love.


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Hi Nina Ballerina,

I hope your treatment goes well :) I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone I was diagnosed with 2b adenocarcinoma in August and went through treatment in Oct-Nov. Generally is douable and treatable even though it might have ups and downs. Be strong and if you need and advice I am happy to help.

lots of love,

Maria xxx

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