Thank you all so much!!!

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who took the time to message me or give advice! It has been a godsend and made the last two weeks slightly Manageable! 


I hope  and pray you all get the results you deserve.


mine stated normal But with inflammation so am happy as I could be x


much love


marie xx


hiya marie, so pleased you got your results and they were good! i bet you feel so releaved now as i know you have been very anxious about these. Hopefully mine wont take to much longer, will be 4 weeks friday for me.

I called the hospital and begged her to phone the lab. She called me back with them within the hour! Xx

Ha. I somehow knew this post would be from you before I opened it! Great news. Now go and enjoy your life. X

Thank you lovely. Praying for all you lovely ladies. 


lots of hugs xxx

i think ill be doing that next week, i go abroad next week for my 10th wedding anniversary so really would love to know everythings all good before we leave

We go away for our tenth wedding anniversary next month too! Where you off? X

awww congrats, im glad u have your results so you can enjoy it 100%. Were going to turkey, what about you?

Brilliant news!!!!!!!! So chuffed for you!!!!!

Thank you nemo xxx 


i think ive been the most anxious ever on here xx

Off to Cape Verde. Love Turkey ichmeller xx

sounds lovely, i hope you have a really relaxing time now you have positive results :) x 

Thank you and you xx