I’m new here n don’t no if I’m posting in correct section but here goes.

A few month back my doctor said I had a cervical polyp after me going due to abnormal bleeding, pain n discomfort. I was told not to worry, 6 months on I got apt for gyna. Which was last Tuesday. Where I had 2 polyps removed n a biopsy taken. It was a horrid process n if been so uncomfy since although the after bleeding has stopped.

Before all this I’ve had lower back pain, leg pain, bad head aches, period every 10 days, bleeding after sex etc but on going to doctors I was told for a while it was other stuff. Hormones etc… I’ve been on medication to stop period, curb bleeding, etc… this been going on for for a gd 18 months.

There is cancer in my family, n I’ve lost many close members due to it. I’m petrified n feel my family dnt want to talk bout it.

Sick off the waiting game, just wish I knew either way.

Kind regards
Kels x