Tests tomorrow.. Very anxious, what to expect?!

Hi there…
First time poster here! Tomorrow I am attending the hospital for a transvaginsl ultrasound and perhaps some other testing… I’m not sure! I had started spotting on and off for a few weeks then continuous bleeding for 3 weeks which was mostly bright red blood but now more of a blood stained watery discharge with occasional small clots. I’ve also had the most horrific low back pain, I can hardly bend down! I’m also very tired and showing uti symptoms but testing negative after a positive urine test a few weeks ago and a course of antibiotics. My gp gave me an internal and said my cervix looked fine but couldn’t do the smear as the blood was pooling in my cervix. I’m just a bit nervous about tomorrow and if they only do a scan and perhaps miss something! Any advice for this very anxious girl would be great! Thanks x

Hi Emily, 

good luck for today! the only advice I can give I see to make sure you tell them exactly how you feel and all your concerns including them missing something and they will understand and. Just ask any questions! Good luck xx

Hi Emma92!

thank you for replying! Had my transvaginal scan and she said it all looked OK... Nothing serious to worry about but she took a smear as bleeding wasn't too bad and also wanted to take a womb biopsy... Jeeez I've had 3 kids and I'd rather have another 10 pound baby than go through that again! No anaesthetic or numbing of any sort and I was literally screaming in pain! She had to stop and has asked me to go back for a hysteroscopy and D&C under GA

im wondering why, if it's just the next step or if there's something she hasn't told me to make her want to investigate further! 

Super tender and sore now!x

Hi Emily - glad it went as well as these things can go!  Try not to second guess - she will be doing her job properly and being thorough.

All the best and stay positive!