Tested Hpv

Worried about hpv. I’m 56 and never had a problem in my life with any kind of virus or illness. Came as a shock to receive the results… I’m now very worried with my age I more risk of cancer cells developing, don’t think I can wait a year to have another smear test… How do I best help fight this virus please

Forgive me - I posted this on another thread, but it’s relevant for your question to, and saves me from typing it all again! I’m 64 now, by the way, and got the all-clear from Stage 3C2 CC three months ago.

It’s a worry, isn’t it, that HPV can continue in some of us for years - I must have had it for more than 20 years, from long before they tested for it. I was first tested for it in November 2020 and of course was positive, along with the cancer.

Like Hop1, I’m trying to boost my immune system, as there is nothing else that can ‘kill’ the virus. I’m taking probiotics (50 billion strains or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and I bought AHCC (which is made from shiitake mushrooms) from a company called TIME Health, as it seems the one compound that research seems to suggest may help the immune system. Along with it I take K2&D3 pills (immune support and help to metabolise the AHCC), along with vitamin C. I also take other supplements as I had a gastric bypass 8 years ago and can’t absorb some things from my food - so Zinc (which boosts immunity), calcium, multivitamins (a good brand) Omega 3 oils and B12 - which is very important anyway, and I need this by injection as I can’t process it at all from food. I also take Ubiquinol (Q10) which is an antioxidant and can boost immunity. Alongside this I am eating a low-carb, high protein and vegetable diet, with fresh fruit for breakfast, and keeping my weight down. I don’t drink or smoke, so I don’t have to worry about that, but one of the primary things on any health guides is to give up smoking if you are a smoker. I’m also going for a 30 minute walk a day - my job is pretty sedentary!

There is no guarantee any of this will work, but it’s all about doing the best you can for your body - that and keeping a positive mindset - and believing you can do this. I don’t know when I’ll next get an HPV test. I’m aware that I also need to minimise my stress where I can, and this means not saying ‘yes’ to too many things at work that will keep me struggling to keep up!

I do hope you’re able to shake this one off. Doing things to boost your immunity and health can never be wasted in any case. All very best wishes to you. Xx


Thankyou it helps… I just feel so bad. Not told partner yet… Don’t know how to approach him x.

Anyone going through same… I’m petrified. I been told I’m hpv. Don’t think I can wait a full year to know what happening with my body…carry xx

The Jo’s Trust pages have excellent information about HPV.


If you scroll to the bottom there is a helpline for emotional problems, if you feel you need to talk to someone about this.

Thankyou. Xx