tested HPV positive

I had CIN3 in june last year and was sent for LLetz treatment, i had my 6 month check up in December got my results on Saturday saying that i had abnormal smear again

I phoned my surgery today and was told that my smear was normal, but i have tested positive for HPV, and that is why they are wanting to check my out again at the hospital

Has anyone else had this result?  How do they treat HPV? the nurse said that they only test for HPV after you have had treatment, does that mean i could have had HPV since my last normal smear 3 years ago

Thanks Ally




Hi Ally

Sorry I don't know about this, but will be really interested to hear the responses. I have just had my CIN3 removed and am due a check up in July. I am doing everything I can to try and boost my immune system but it is a bit of an unknown quantity.

Hopefully they will just want to do a colposcopy and check everything looks fine. Nervewracking still though


I was told yesterday you only get HPV test after getting treatment, my question is if i have the high risk HPV on cervix and not genital warts, have i still passed this onto my partner

This is all new to me, i dont understand if my partner and i both have the virus or just me, can anyone help?




hello ally1205

I has cin2 cells removed in June 2014 and I had my 6 month follow up smear at the end of november, I had a letter telling me that my smear result was normal but I still have high risk hpv and would be called back to the hospital to be checked.

i had this last monday, the doctor told me that most of the time hpv does go after you have the lletz but in some cases it doesn't, he had a look at my cervix no biosya were taken and said everything looker fine. 

He he did say my next smear would be in 3 years time but I thought of you had hpc you should get tested more often if you still had hpv so I'm thinking of going back in a year. 

i was upset when I revieved the letter back in December as I was hoping that would be it, but you should think of it as they are only doing what's best for you. 

im hoping to start a family now I have been checked 


Hi Ally

Could she have meant that they only test for HPV after the treatment, as in, "they don't test for anything else but HPV after a treatment"? If there is no HPV present, then very little chance of anything sinister being there?

I would think that's what she meant, rather than "the only time they test for HPV is AFTER a treatment".

Hi the nurse said my Smear test came back normal, but i tested positive for HPV, she said they dont test for HPV unless you have had LLetz treatment, but she didnt know how the hospital was going to treat it

This is all new to me i didnt know anything about HPV, i will be glad to get my cervix checked again just to see what is happening

thanks for all your replies




There's no treatment for HPV as such, but your body often fights it itself if you have a good immune system. Smoking is very bad for the immune system so can stop the self-healing.

Its such an extremely common disease, anything I've read says you don't need to stop having sex, and that you can't reinfect each other. Its not a nice though though, thinking that something is lurking down there. Even though it is an STD, its not in the same class as the other ones so any advice I've seen or heard just says to carry on as normal. The reason they tested you for it is because its the high risk version of HPV that causes abnormal cervical cancer. So if you have HPV, they just keep a close eye on you with smears/colposcopies. Other than that, just carry on as normal xx

Hi thanks for your advice, thankfully i stopped smoking 2 years ago, i have been eating healthy and exercising and taking multi-vitamins to try and boost my immune system

will just have to see how it goes

thanks ally