test results

I’m New to the forum so I hope I’m doing this right.
I’m 42 and before Xmas I had abnormal bleeding my Dr said he thinks it’s early menopause but wanted to be sure so sent me to hospital. I had a coloscopy but no biopsy at that point as Dr said everything looked ok. Had a internal scan were they found my uterus is thick 9mm and I have two overian cysts. Since then I’ve had a blood test and a hysterscopy with biopsy. Does any one know how long results take to come back its been nearly 4 weeks now and I’m starting to suffer anxiety.

Hi Beetie I am sorry to hear you are going through an anxious time waiting for results. I believe it takes 4-6 weeks for results to come back so hopefully you will be hearing soon and get good news. It sounds like your doctor is on the ball you could give them a call they sometimes get the results before we do. Are you going to have treatment for your Ovarion Cysts? keep intouch I will be thinking about you xx