Test result concerns

Hi ladies,


I'm just having a bit of stress and am hoping for some peace of mind. I went to the gp 10 days ago with some abnormal bleeding, she did some internal swabs which were sent off. I've had a phone call today saying the doctor wants to discuss the results with me, and have been given a phone consultation next week. 

Im not 100% sure what the swabs were for but I was open in my concerns regarding cancer, and now I don't know what to make of the current situation. I'm assuming based on the 2 week wait rule it's nothing sinister based on my wait for results and them being given over the phone? I know there are lots of potentjal explanations but I can't shake the thought that they only want to speak on the phone to tell me ive been referred on for further tests!

Sorry for the (hopefully) excess worry when most of you are going through tough situations, but anything you can share to give me some peace of mind while I wait to speak to the doctor would be great!