Test or Cure ~hpv

Hello ladies,

i had lletz to remove cin 3 with hpv changes and am due to return in January for my test or cure.  

interested to hear from any ladies who have had this and been told that hpv is still present.  What are the chances of this happening.  What’s more if cin has reappeared do you have to go through Lletz again. 


All stories welcome.  

By the way I’m 46, no children and had no symptoms when I found I had cin3.



Hello Tashie

I am in exactly the same position as you.  Cin3 hpv postive and lletz done in july.  I am really worried about the 6 month check, from reading lots of info yes they will then want to do another lletz but i think the success rate is pretty good although i cant quite make out if the success rate of 80 - 95% is to prevent Cancer or the return of cin.  Anyway I wish you lots of luck.  Are you taking anything to help ?  And do you feel its taken over your life somewhat ?  I feel very much like this and am dreading going for the test of cure both in terms of actually going and the results.  Im 49 and have 2 grown up children I thought I was really healthy and now find I have turned into someone worrying about it all the time.  keep in touch and let me know how you get on.



Well my story is positive... :-) 

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Hi Tash :-)

I haven't had my test or cure yet but from what I've read on this forum Lletz has an extremely high success rate of around 80 - 95% so the odds are definitely in your favour. I'm due my test of cure in just over a week (my history is on my signature) and my worries and nightmares seem to have started all over again - it's such a scary thought that it could return. I've been taking lots of supplements and trying to stay healthy, so I can at least feel as though I'm doing something. It helps to avoid stress too, but that's so much easier said than done! 

To answer your question though I think it would depend on the severity of the abnormalities whether or not you would have to have a Lletz again if they returned - if they were borderline they may just keep a closer eye on you, as there's a good chance the cell changes would regress. 

When I've spoken to friends about this, most of them at least know someone who's been treated for abnormal cells, and from what I've heard they've all been fine. A lady I work with has had two Lletz but has had clear smears for several years now. 

Try to stay positive and remember that you're in the system now so they're keeping a close eye on you :-)