Test of cure

So, 6 months have passed since my colposcopy and lletz procedure, on Thursday I go for my test of cure, whatever that means, have to allow 2 hours for the appt so god knows what they do, also not feeling too confident about it all, my results came back last time after 8 weeks as cin 2 and 3 and high Cgin, didn’t really have much of a period before the lletz and think once things got back to normal I started having what people would probably call normal until this month where I had hardly anything (sorry tmi) I’ve also got pains back in my groin since Christmas that had disappeared after lletz, I know I’m prob thinking far too much into stuff and letting myself panic about everything but really don’t want to go through this whole waiting game again, it’s horrendous and got worse week after week last time until I was practically going out my mind. Anyway, just felt like I needed to write it down, no doubt you will hear from me again when I’m frustrated at the wait, thanks for reading x

Hi there, 


I had my test of cure in early December, prepared for LLETZ all over again blah blah. But it was all fine! Smear was clear and I was put back on the 3-yearly call (although I think I will be paying for a private smear later this year for peace of mind). I had to call my GP surgery for the results as I didn't get a letter, so essentially no news is good news.

Like you I'd been having all sorts of enigmatic groin-region pains, been keeping an eagle-eyed view of periods and such, but as the Dr taking the smear said, we're all just hyper-aware of everything now. 

Good luck and I hope it's clear, the relief is amazing.


Emma x 

aw thank you for replying with your experience, it really helps to know others journey with this whole thing. 

I don't blame you for thinking of having a private smear, as much as I hate this and find it very undignified I don't think I could wait 3 years for another smear. 

Again thank you from r your reply