Hello ladies, 

I hope you're all well :)

I just wondered if anyone had a similar experience as me and if so what was the outcome..

I previously had CIN3 severe dyskariosis and had to have a lletz at my first colposcopy.. Although whilst there, the nurse said my cervix didn't show any white areas when solutions where added.. she thought they could be in my birth canal.


6 months past and due to covid, I was told to go to my GP/nurse for the smear. I had this done end of July and had the results yesterday that I now have NORMAL cells and NO HPV anymore- which is a relief. However the nurse has requested I go for a colposcopy???? I'm confused. I asked if my cervix looked okay as I had treatment 6 months ago and she yes it looks all fine. I know I should just ring them and ask why I need to be referred but wondered if anyone else was referred with negative results??


thank you if you got this far x

I'm here for anyone if they want to talk. Anytime at all.


stay safe x Lauren x


Hello Lauren

It's probably because of the discrepancy in the results and also the fact that a colposcopy is a more accurate way of seeing what's going on. Also the colposcopy clinics are up and running again since covid rates have dropped so that could be a factor. They are probably being thorough to be on the safe side. It might be worth phoning your practice nurse to ask. I know it's scary but I think they have a belt and braces approach when there is a discrepancy.

Hope this helps. I know it's scary.

Big hugs


Thank you ever so much for getting back to me- i really appreciate it!

I know I should've just phoned them but didn't want to take up a call that was more urgent!

There wasn't a discrepancy in my results, the first smear was cin3... had lletz and then test of cure was normal and cleared HPV :) * I actually recommend daily vitamins as my diet was good and bad so was shocked I cleared the HPV!!


I rang Harrogate hospital today where I was seen and the reason for the letter saying colposcopy again was because they hadn't discharged me on the system and was meant to!!
back to 3 year smear (unless any bleeding/symptoms etc before then). I should've just rang, but my brain thought worst and I love this forum. 
thank you again for writing back to me, if you ever want to talk please just message me xx

Stay safe and well xx