Test of cure

I had lletz in September, it was a disaster, I was one of the unusual people who would not stop bleeding and ended up in theatre.

I expected to just be going back to my doctor for a smear in 6 months, but when I finally got my results I had a further appointment in 6 months for "test of cure".  That's next week and I'm terrified.

i don't know what to expect? Why am I going back to the hospital not the doctors.  

If they find further abnormal cells will they treat again right away? And if they do am I likely to bleed heavily again? Will it just be a normal smear looking for hpv? 

anyone had any experience?

I presume it's at hospital due to bleeding you experienced... I'm sure it's only precautionart... Bless you, not nice to have such heavy bleeding. You must of just been unlucky and the got a large blood vessel...

i had my test for cure smear last week, so waiting anxiously for my results... I didn't have clear margins xx