Test of cure results what does this mean

so, long story short, smear, hp, repleat in one year hpv plus cell changes, colposcopy abnormal cin 2 & 3 removed.


test of cure, sespect area in the centre biopsy taken......  today I got the results


"Biopsies show HPV only.  The smears, very encouragingly, were clear in terms of there were no abnormal cells and no evidence of high grade Hpv."  No further action till normal smear in 2020


i don't understand how biopsies can show HPV but smears don't and that's ok?  Surely 2020 is too long?  



my smear showed HPV but no abnormal cells and they want to see me. I guess they will take a biopsy and i will get the same result as you. I did think the next smear after that would be 1 year then on to 3 years. Surely you can request one in a year. 


No im the opposite way round now my smear was clear.


i was in your position, they waited 1 year then repeated, by which time there was abnormal cells which they removed.  I guess they will either repeat the smear, or put the dye stuff on to see if there are any suspect areas.  I'm not a doctor but I don't think they would take biopsys on areas that look healthy 

read your first post again maybe what they mean is you have HPV but it isnt a bad strain or one to worry about as there are around 100 strains of HPV so it sounds like it is there but not high grade if that makes sense? i have googled how to help my body fight hpv maybe you could do this. I now drink green tea and take folic acid tablets etc to help