Test of cure panic

Hi there-
I have my test of cure coming up in February and suddenly I have realised it’s not ‘ages away’.
I am worrying so much about this. I will be heartbroken if it’s not clear. I have tried so hard to make some big changes in my life. Sound silly but even daily water In take was more than I had been doing before .ive been eating for fruit and vegetables and taking supplements of folic acid and vitamins c. Are there any supplements or any other major things I am not doing that I could be. I just want to give myself the best chance.


8th June 2016- abnormal smear result - moderate dysk
24th June 2016- colposcopy - 2x punch biopsies taken
13th July 2016- biopsy confirms cin1&2
9th August 16- lettz procedure
20th September 16- results confirm cin1 only removed- follow up in six months.

Hi zoe, when researching myself I found that green tea is meant to really help cervical health and keep the cells healthy so I drink a few cups everyday. Garlic is meant to be anti viral so try eating lots of that, obviously don't smoke.  It sounds like youve done lots to help yourself with healthy diet so the odds are hugely in your favour that you'll be ok but these check ups are so nerve wracking I know. Good luck with it all x

thankyou both


yes I've tried factoring in green tea but I cannot stand drinking it- im going to invest in the capsules. 

thankyou so much for replying. 

Lots of people say that lol, I don't think it's got much of a taste until you get to the end with the tea bag. You know you can get flavoured ones too, not sure if it makes a difference though.  Capsules good idea x

My test of cure came back with more abnormalities and HPV positive, i`ve got an appt on the 11th, feels like i`ve got a weight hanging over me.

I'm so sorry to hear that Geneve! see this is what I'm panicking about. 

Had you been taking a more healthy approach aswell ? 

Its seems so unfair x 

Hello, I wasnt given any advice re healthy eating after my lletz in june but i`ve been a vegetarian for over 30 years so i kind of already do that. I was tols after my lletz that everything was clear so it`s really stressful to think its come back in just 6 months.

Wishing you well x

My test for cure is due in Apri, but I've started having pains in my cervix and I'm really worried, I think after something like this yoh always worry about smears. Hope it all comes back clear for you, geneve i hope it all gets cleared up for you. X