Test of Cure letter

Hello! I had LlETZ 5 months ago where I was found to have high grade CIN3 and had 10mm removed.

I have two questions.

  1. I have received a general letter to go to for a smear test, is this the test of cure or a general check up which I ignore until invited for my test of cure? Will I get a specific letter inviting me to a test of cure?

  2. I want to fry for a baby later on next year and I am worried that 10mm was removed, will this impact a hopefully future pregnancy?

Thank you!!

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Hello! I can’t answer the pregnancy question but I think it would be best to talk to your Dr about that. I just had my test of cure a couple weeks ago after a LLETZ. The general letter for a smear test is for the test of cure… but they don’t really explain this! The test of cure is basically a standard smear test, so definitely don’t ignore the invite. I think they have it in your notes that the smear test is for a test of cure x