Test of cure AND follow up colposcopy due soon

Happy new year every one.

its a good few weeks off yet but my 6 month appointment for test of cure and follow up colposcopy is coming around in March!

my results of my first LLETZ was CIN2 CIN3 with out clear margins and my GP advised that the cells should/maybe return to normal on their own. So I have put this all to the back of my mind until now and now I am starting to panic.

I am so scarred that firstly my test of cure will show that I still have HPV and secondly my colposcopy will show that I stil have CIN3 or that maybe even that it has spread or advanced.

can anyone please share their success/not so successful stories with me from their 6 month review so that I can prepare myself for what I might expect? I just need to get my head around it…

Thank you all in advance

I can't comment but am in the same situation as you - I need to go back for my 6 month repeat smear to check on HPV and the return or not (hopefully) of CIN.  I had CIN3 which was removed with Lletz in July but with only one margin clear.  I am trying to stay positive but am dreading getting back on the merry go round!  It is my birthday next week so not phoning to book in till after then!  Interesting that I have to go to GP for smear and not direct to colposcopy, I think it depends on local health trusts.


Take care and try to stay positive xx

Just wanted to wish you both good luck. Got all this to come myself.

Lots of love



HI Kay

I think I have to go back to Colposcopy because mine was quite a large area they removed without any clear margins. my Gynae dr sent me an appointment for March with my results from the first LLETZ and biopsey.. so fingers crossed for you that you are going back to your GP just as routine :-)


hope you have a wonderful birthday.. will let you let me know how you get on with your appointment ?


and thank you JAne x

Hi Jane

Had a lovely birthday thank you - back to reality today and booked my smear at GP for next week on Weds 20th - so from that point on I will be nervously waiting on the post again!!

I will keep you updated and please do the same.

Lots of luck for us all!


Sorry I meant hello Jane and Lottie!!  First day back at work after long weekend - brain not in gear xxx

Hi guys

How are you getting on?

Thought I would share my good news as I know it is always nice to hear positive stories!  So I had my 6 month test of cure smear 2.5 weeks ago and got my results at the weekend - normal smear with no HPV.  This was after having CIN3 removed in July 2015 without clear margins.  So very relieved.  Wish I hadn't worried quite so much and hope it gives you both a bit of faith.

Take care


Kay that is awsome news


thank you so much for sharing this with us.


I know this is an old post, but I just come across it. Kay, I had the LEEP a month ago... CIN3 without clear margins. I go back in December for a follow up smear. Praying  clear results! Did you make any lifestyle changes or do anything health wise to help yours to come back clear?