'Test of a Cure'

Brief history...


I had LETZ for CIN 1 a year ago.

I  had borderline smear tests 6 years prior to that and participated in the usual merri-go-round of gp to inevitable hospital visit, seeing nothing at colposcopy, back to gp, conflicting information and entirely different management once I moved from one city to another.

I know that I have HPV 45. They finally took some biopsies that confirmed CIN 1 when I turned 25.

They then removed a small area, that came back 'cin 1' with clear margins. 

I've just had a repeat smear test (6 months later than I ought, oops) and it has come back stating that it is normal, however the 

wonderful HPV is still in evidence so I have to attend a colposcopy?


What can I do to help get rid of this virus - I thought that by having treatment my body might wake up

and sort it out, seems not.

Also, why do I have to attend colposcopy if all the cells appeared normal?

I mean - that is a relief after six years of this but still.

There is some evidence that having the HPV vaccine, even after you have had an infection with HPV, might offer protection from further infections in the future. However this is still being investigated and more research is needed. [6] [7]. - See more at: http://www.jostrust.org.uk/about-cervical-cancer/hpv/faq-hpv#sthash.U54p1eAY.dpuf

I'm 26 until November, is it worth getting the vaccine?


Although your smear is clear you are still showing that the HPV virus is still active. In a lot of areas it is now normal practice to refer you to Colposcopy for persistent HPV infection. Try not to worry (easier said than done i know) you are in the system to keep a check on you and make sure its managed.

To try to boost your immune system its said by stopping smoking (if you do), cutting down on alcohol and eating healthy all helps Smile There are supplements on the market that also claim to boost immunity.

I hope it all clears up asap for you.