Test for cure smear

I want to ask , do they contact us for the six month smear after lletz smear? or do we have to arrange it ourselves?

mine is due next month and I’m stressing over it :(

thanks guys

stay postlitive 



I aaked the practice nurse about this last week when I was getting the flu jab.. You'll be in the recall system, so it will be sent out to you when due. X

Hi Kim

I had my 6 month post-LLETZ smear last week and organised it myself. I was keen to get it out of the way, so booked it at the start of October without any prompting from my GP surgery. I was told they normally send out recall reminders, but I imagine there shouldn't be any problems with arranging it yourself just to be on the safe side... Plus then once you know the date in question, hopefully you can try to put it out of your mind 'til then! :)


Ps, I think it's totally normal to be anxious, but yeah - stay positive & keep in mind how effective the lletz is! ..That's what I keep reminding myself, anyway Wink

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll wait another week, then call and arrange one. I think you’re right, if I have a date at least I know something is happening.