Test confusion

Hi all,

I am aged 22 live in scotland and have had all three doses of the HPV vaccination,

i got invited for a smear test just after i turned 20,

i went to the doctor and she told me i do not need to be tested until i am 25 as i have

had all 3 vaccinations and she refused to give me the test.

I was just looking for some adivce is this the correct procedure nowadays if you have had the



Amy xx

Hi Amy

I missed the cut-off for getting the HPV vaccs through school (I'm 24 and also in Scotland).  I ended up getting the vaccinations anyway as my mum insisted - not sure if we had to pay! I've still had my screening as anyone else my age would have done starting at 20.  Just as well as I have just had my treatment for CIN3 despite the vaccs (although due to my age when I got the jabs I probably picked up the HPV infection before then? The timeline of it is a bit fuzzy) Might be worth checking the NHS website?

Hi Cat thanks for replying! Yea the nhs website good idea I will check that out hadn't thought of that thanks again!