Terrifying myself!!

Hi I'm looking for some advice I guess, I had first abnormal smear in august 2012 which resulted in biopsy, biopsy showed CIN3. I had general anathsetic to remove cells & received letter few weeks later to say all abnormal cells removed. 6 months later had repeat biopsy which showed slight changes but nothing that requires treatment, had another repeat biopsy march 2014 after another smear showed changes, biopsy was thankfully clear & then went onto yearly smears.... in the last few weeks I have had irregular bleeding on and off which isn't like a normal period at all & slight bleeding after sex :/ I am booked in for a smear tomorrow but absolutley terrified of results & the thought of having to wait 6 weeks to find out!! I have every worse case scenario going round my head & I'm driving myself insane with worry!! Don't feel I cant talk to friends/family about it as it is a lot to stress other people over especially if it for nothing!.... Think I just wondering if anyone has had simular and smear has turned out to be normal? Thanks 

Hi Dolly,

Those worst case scenarios are horrible! I hope you're not tempted to Google. ;) I think all of us on here would say, "Step away from Dr Google right now!" 

Stress is stress whether or not your results turn out to be fine. I really hope you are worrying over nothing (after all it's less than a year than you were checked out - calm yourself with that thought) but, even if you are, you still deserve support for the anxiety you are experiencing now. And that's why we're here! :) Only your results will tell you what's going on and you will have to wait for those. There are so many women on this forum who are waiting for results right now and all of us who have done the waiting bit understand how you feel. I had my smear results within 10 days and I hope they can do that for you. Being anxious is a medical health issue so if it was me I would lay it on really thick that you need those results urgently. Worth a try!

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on. :) 

Kirsty xx

Thanks for your reply, I know I should think myself lucky that has all turned out ok so far especially when so many are going through much much worse, I try hard not to stress sometimes that's impossible :-( x