Hi ladies I had my smear early last year, came back abnormal. Followed up with biopsy (very uncomfy I found) shown cin3 high-grade dysplasia. I had the loop diathermy with local anaesthetic. I know we all have different pain thresholds and I wouldnt want to worry anyone but I found it very traumatic. Not just the pain, I was shaking with they said adrenalin and I have a tilted womb so that didn’t help!! I remember coming out and collapsing in my husbands arms. I’ve given birth 3 times naturally so I’m no wimp lol my problem is after my follow up smear it’s came back cin3 again. The sister is now sending me to the consultant. What does this mean? On my appointment on Monday will they do the loop again? Has anyone requested and been permitted a general anaesthetic for one? I’m terrified. It doesn’t say they are going to do this like last time (with the info sheets and what to bring ect) so will he be discussing something else? I try not to google and get myself worked up but my head is just a big jumbled mess!! It’s nearly 5am and I’m still awake worrying. Any help or advise at all I would be hugely grateful. Feel like I’m loosing my marbles!!
Jen xx

Sorry if I sound like I'm rambling I'm just in a bit of a state as its only on Monday now xx

Hi Jen I can't help I'm sorry. But like you I was up through the night. I'm awaiting a colposcopy. So feeling very stressed. I hope someone replies soon to help you. T.

Bless you - you aren't a wimp - I really think some people just don't get on with adrenalin. I have literally had about 8-9 fillings without anaesthetic to avoid adrenalin as makes me shaky. I don't think that makes me a wimp!

I had biospy by loop and found it very uncomfortable and like you was very shaky afterwards. I also have a tilted womb.

It sounds like they did not get it all the first time - maybe because your cervix is in an awkward place they were unable to? This is probably why they want you to see a consultant so they can have a more experienced look?

I would def express your concerns Monday re your discomfort - they may well agree to treat under GA if is in a difficult part to reach. 

Good luck hun - I really hope all goes well. X

Thank you so much for your reply. You just feel so alone in your thoughts don't you. Just reading some other posts all night has helped a little. Do you think he'll examine me Monday then? im just scared they'll say oh we're here now we'll just do it. when she did my last smear she said she thought it would come back clear and they could discharge me so it was a bit of a shock it didn't. Just the thought of being examined is scaring me now as I was a mess with just the smear. The sister who has been treating me is lovely and I really feel at ease with her so worrying the consultant might not be as nice. I'm not very out spoken so I'm taking my mum and husband with me for backup lol xx

Hi. Yes they should do it under General if you want, especially as you found it traumatic last time! Hope all is well xxx

Thanks for your reply hun I wish I'd have known it was possibly an option before the last one!! X

Hi Jen,

I really feel for you as was in your boots a few months back. It turned out that as I had such a large bit taken the first time, they were keen to do round 2 under GA by the consultant anyway. I would definitely ask them if it is possible if that is what you prefer, although the downside is perhaps that you may have to wait a while to be booked in for it, depending on the wait times in your area. 

Big hugs 


Definitely a good idea to take mum and hubby - I wish I had on that first Colposcopy. 

Really feel for you that you are having to go through this again - I totally understand how you are feeling - if my test of cure isn't clear in September I'm sure I will be having a meltdown. You just want it to be all done and dusted don't you and the whole process of smear/colp/treatment/waiting for results seems to go on for an age. 


Thanks all. Well I went and was hoping it was just a chat. He then got the form out to sign and said he was going to take away more and much deeper this time. in surprise I said now?!? He looked at me like I was daft!! I told him how traumatic it was last time and would it be possible to have a ga this time and he said oh no we don't do that. It won't take long. At this point I burst into tears. Felt like such a wimp but was so worried. He was taken aback I think and did try to reassure me. I felt like I'd be silly for not going through with it so I went in the room. I was shaking so bad the lovely nurse really tried her best. Because he wanted to go deeper he obviously had to put the local in more. I literally screamed and nearly flew of the bed. In no way do I want to scare anyone but I've never felt pain like it. There was a trainee nurse in which I heard him say to that some women are very sensitive and it's more sensitive higher up. Well that made me feel less of a fool. Wiped my eyes and thought of all the poor women outside wanting to run away after hearing me! He got it done without anymore pain or discomfort. Thank god. After he was done he said he wanted to check all round with the dye and that was very uncomfy. Still is now 3 days later. I was due on my period and came on the day after. Passed out with the pain 3 times and it was very heavy which is normal for me. The pain has slightly eased off today. I've been sick a few times but no temp or smell so hoping it's not infection. I never want to let anyone down there again!! All I want is a nice hot bath. the nurse advised no baths but not for how long. I didn't ask as I was still abit of a mess. I have very sharp stabbing pains And might sound weird but like a swollen feeling?  I'm trying to remember how it was last time and I know I feel much worse this time. Back in 6 months and I pray it's all gone. Sorry for taking so long to reply. And thanks for all your advise xx