looking for some reassurence!!   i am 2.5 years post treatment for 2b.  have been doing really well and all seemed fine.  however i have noticed a small hard lump on my labia and am absolutely terrified.  any post treatment ladies had something similar?

Hi there. I had something like that a while ago and it turned out to be a blocked pore. Very embarrassing, made me feel like my personal hygiene left something to be desired, but nothing to worry about.

So, please try not to worry too much until you can get it checked out. Easier said than done, I know. X

thanks so much for your reply  .  u have settled me a bit.  going crazy with fear and probabky shouldnt have  checked internet as poor husband being driven round the bend!x

Hello, although I have not had CC. A few years ago I went to the doc with the same problem, turned out it was a blocked pore which had produced a cyst (lovely!).

Fingers crossed for you


Hi there,

i'm probably too late in replying, but just in case... i had exactly the same thing last year and it was a blocked gland. v embarrassing but absolutely nothing to worry about and mine went within the week.  I've had it twice now and the first time i needed antibiotics and the 2nd time it went with me using hot towel compresses on it.

Try not to worry!  Keep smiling