Hi there, 

I am completly new to this so  im sorry if i go on!

I had my first smear test at 25 on the 23rd december. The results came back borderline hpv positive.

I was sent for a colposcopy on 16th january and the resuls came back beginning of feb.

They showed cin 1 and cin 2. And they said as there was a discrepency betwen the smear abd colposcopy reaults my case would be discussed at a monthly meeting.

So from that i need to have a loop biopsy to remove abnormal cells on 19th march.

All of this i know it protocol but i have had some bad peiod like pelvic pain and back ache recently, which i do suffer with chronically. 

However, i had a very small bleed/spotting monday and again last night after sex. This terrified me as i put all my 'symptoms' together and the thought of what 

The loop biopsy cld show terrifies me. I have two children aged 3 & 4  and i can not think of anything all day or night (ive barely slept for days) besides the worst. 

The cin was said to be precancerous in the letter, but is it possible that in six weeks its devolped to something bad? 

I have still got 2 weeks to wait for biopsy and they said 4-8 weeks for results so ut cld be another 10 weeks before i know.

I physically dont  think i can wait that long my emotions are alrwady overwhelming me.

Thanks for reading

Hana x



Hi hana,


I really cant reiterate enough like I have to other ladies on here. CIN is precancerous graded 1-3 with 3 being the highest grade. Generally if its CIN1 they dont do any procedures and monitor you as it can go away on its own.


Be happy theyve caught this early its all about prevention which some countries arent lucky enough to have nhs and medical advances that we do. They probably wantto have a meeting to decide what to do due to with not knowing if its 1 or 2. They states that the precancerous cells can take 10yrs to turn into cancer so i doubt anything bad will happen in 6wks. If it was higher grade or they were more concerned they wouldnt leave you that long.


They are helping you, its one step at a time. I think people forget it could of been in your body for who only knows how long and you didnt worry then so try not to now. I focus on milestone at a time and forget about it whilst im waiting for next appointment or results. Lifes to short enjoy it! :) 


With regards your back ache etc i wouldnt over google it. Iv suffered back ache for years and never put the two together to be honest. By the way im 28yrs old. Hope this is of some use.

Hi I don't really have anything to add except that I'm in the same boat as you! My December smear showed low grade dyskariosis so I had a colposcopy and punch biopsy, got the results yesterday it is cin 2 and I'm now awaiting an appointment date to have the lletz procedure. I've been lucky in the sense that I healed well and fast from the punch biopsy and also haven't had any worrying CC symptoms. All I can say is keep busy, see your friends, distract yourself and wait. I know the wait is horrid so I'm sending big hugs x