hi lovelies, today anytime between 1 and 5 I'm expecting the phone call from my specialist nurse to inform me the results of my MRI, and the treatment options which have been discussed at MDT this morning. My chest x-ray is clear I'm just petrified about the rest. Also would the MRI detect breast? I haven't stopped all morning cleaning and keeping busy I've just sat with a brew and I'm getting anxious sweats and palpitations already. Hope all you ladies are doing well xx

Thinking of you.

The MRI will only detect breast issues if they scanned your chest. I had a pelvic MRI so wouldn’t have gone near my breasts, I did have a chest CT though.


Thank you lovely I'm pleased to see you finally got your results! 

So the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else and they've suggested a radical hysterectomy which they originally wasn't sure about with my age but I've got two beautiful boys I want to see grow up so take the risk and the womb away for me feeling very relieved and positive. How have you found your recovery? 


Good news (well in comparison to others results if you know what I mean), hopefully now things can move forward and you can get on with your life.

Ive found recovery much better than I thought. I’m now 5 weeks post op and feeling much better, it’s the tiredness that gets me.

The other thing that I’ve found that has taken me a bit by surprise is almost grieving the loss of my fertility. I had completed my family (I’m 39) but I’ve found myself annoyed that the option of more children has been taken away. I mean I feel I’ve had it easy in comparison to some but I’m still annoyed that I’ve had to deal with this at all.

I suppose after you start to process the events of the past few months that you’ve never really processed because you’re so busy going from one appointment/test/result/treatment to the next. 

I have no doubt you’ll do brilliantly