Hi all, I am awaiting results of a recent pap and I am so scared that I break down crying each time I think about the call. Oct 2015 I had a low grade abnormal smear then followed by a colposcopy. The colposcopy revealed low grade matching the smear so no further treatment was done. I was recommended to revisit in 6 months. Jan 2016 I had a pelvic ultrasound- nothing found (this was due to irregular periods). I also had Sklya IUD installed. I am an idiot and was terrified, nervous and afraid and did not have my 6 month check up. Late Nov 2017 I started developing this smudgey, stringy brown discharge. It lasted for 5 weeks, stopped for three days, started back for a week, stopped again etc... Sometimes the discharge suddenly becomes bright red then goes back to brown or disappears for some time. The only other symptom that I have been experiencing is a loud gurgling stomach from time to time. I had a pap done on Feb 1 and am awaiting my results. I am making myself sick, I am so nervous. Has anyone had similar occurrences? Alex