Terrified Waiting - Need Perspective

Sorry for the endless posts - you've all been SO helpful.

Basically I'm living and working in Spain and have been seeing a private doctor. I can't continue to do so because of money so I'm going to the public health service.

I have CIN2. I'm having to do a lot of leg work trying to sign up to a doctor and claim the health cover I'm entitled to (as I'm paying tax and social security here I am entitled to free health care.)

I was considering flying home but my doctor in England (or should I say his bitch receptionist) is being incredible unhelpful, has been rude to my mother and won't take my Spanish doctors results incase the translation is wrong (I speak Spanish well enough to translate.)

Basically I'm worried about all this waiting. At best I think I'll see a doctor here next week, and then have a follow up appointment at the hopsital after another wait (no idea how long.)

I had my smear test 27th August with low grad.

Colposcopy 17th Sept with CIN2.

I received the results of that yesterday.

What is the waiting time on this stuff usually? Should I be panicing about getting to a doctor.








Hi. I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. The waiting is terrible. I hope you get some answers soon. X

Hi Sam

So sorry you are having to go though this, the waiting is a nightmare.  Just to give you some perspective of the waiting which is pretty normal I have listed mine below.

  • 6th August - routine smear test
  • 12th August - letter sent saying I had severe dyskaryosis
  • 19th August - colposcopy and LLETZ
  • 30th August - phone call received to attend gynae clinic on Monday 2nd sept
  • Was told on 2nd Sept that I had CC and would need a hysterectomy.  They said the surgeon was on holiday so it wouldn't be for about a month and would need a MRI soon.
  • 9th Sept - MRI scan
  • 20th Sept - appointment with consultant, was told I would need Radical Abdominal Hystercetomy.  Told it would most likely to be in about 2 weeks time.
  • 3rd Oct - today!  Still waiting for op date - have phoned a couple of times and have been told the consultant is planning on doing 3 of us that day and needs to book theatre space (it is private through BUPA).

Hope that helps - everyone says how the waiting is the worse and it is.  I know how your mind runs riot and it's a very emotional time.

Good luck with your process.




the waiting is def the worst part!

At your colp did you have a biopsy to confirm cin2?



The time all depends on the individual hospital I think. My timeline is -

March 2013 - smear came back as CIN3

May 2013 - colposcopy and biopsy (again CIN3)

June 2013 - LLETZ 

July 2013 - diagnosed CC

Aug 2013 - cone biospy

Sept 2013 - results


Yeah, they did 2 during the colp. But now I need to register with a doctor and the process is very slow, before I even get to see a GP. I'm scared it will get worse.

Hi - the waiting is horrible, each day seems so long, unfortunately not much can help with that part. But I will say, the process of abnormal cells turning into something worse is VERY slow, so this few weeks delay to get you on the health register in Spain shouldn't cause a danger to your health, especially considering you were diagnosed as CIN2. So as much as you want anything bad out of you as soon as possible, try to remember that it should not get any worse while you wait. I hope they don't take too much longer xx

although it is SO hard - try not to panic! if the biopsies have confirmed CIN2, it is really unlikely that is going to progress over the next few months

there are lots of people on here if have waiting 2 months or more to have treatment after biopsies



Thank you so much. This is exactly the kind of info I was asking for. Very helpful and reassuring, thank you!

Thank you. As I said to carnage - this is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for! Thank you.