Terrified, please help :-(

Hello everyone, I’m new here and absolutely terrified. I hope someone could please help me out. I have had regular smear tests, all of which have been normal, bar the one I had 2 weeks ago. I’m 32 and I received a letter saying my results showed borderline changes, with evidence of hpv infection. About an hour before I received this letter I discovered I was pregnant. I had been trying for a baby, following 2 miscarriages in the last 8 month so although I was happy to be pregnant again, I am extremely anxious due to my miscarriage history. Then my results came. The letter and accompying leaflet didn’t really explain much and I don’t know anything about any of this. I feel scared to death. I’m already expecting to miscarry again and now I can’t help but think the worst, that I could have cancer and possibly die, losing both my unborn baby and leaving my 4 year old son! I’m so stressed, which I know won’t be helping the baby but I just can’t help it. The letter said if I have any questions to phone my GP but I can’t get past the receptionist who just tells me to expect a letter for a date for a colpscopy. I can’t sleep, I’m eating only because I have to and I can’t function. I’m wondering if all this is relateted to my miscarriages and ot says on the leaflet its important not to get pregnant until any abnormalities are dealt with, which is adding to my worry. I’d be grateful if anyone could offer any advice. Thankyou ever so much in advance xx

urgh- i hate those kinds of receptionists!
Have you tried explaining just how worried you are- and that you're worried what that stress could do to your baby? If she's still not helpful then I find that telling them that you will hold them personally responsible should anything happen to you (or your baby) usually gets you put through!

I don't know all the details of what results mean- though I have done a LOT of reading up these past few weeks!
Hopefully someone with better knowledge than me will reply to you soon.

From what I do know though- boderline changes are exactly that, they sometimes even just change back to normal all by themselves.
Your pregnancy could also have made your results inaccurate (this link might help http://cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.org/type/cervical-cancer/smears/pregnancy-and-abnormal-cervical-cells )

I know it's hard and the waiting and uncertainty is scary but try to stay calm- hpv is not cancer, just cells that need to be monitored- staying calm is the best thing for you and your baby right now.

Big hugs.x

Thankyou so much for replying misscupcake. The receptionists at my GPs are terrible. They can be so rude at times. There’s been times when I’ve had to shout my personal details accross the room in a full waiting room cos they can’t be bothered to get up and come to the desk! And they’re so abrupt and make you feel unwelcome. Its a shame because my GP is really lovely. But I think what ill do is just make an appt to see her then I know ill definately get to talk to her. Its just I’ve read stories about women with borderline smears who turn out to actually have cancer and so I’m thinking worse case scenario. My heart truly goes out to all the girls on here going through all this and I’m sending healing hugs to you all. I’ve also managed to get an early bird midwife appt tomorrow so I can have a good chat to her. Its the waiting and the uncertainty of it all, its horrible. Hope and love to all x x x

Hi Dee80,

Sorry you've had this happen just as you've had lobely news that you're pregnant.

Firstly, borderline changes are not life threatenting (often neither are severe changes!), it's a simple procedure to get fixed up.

Your pregnancy does complicate things, but don't panic. At colposcopy, they basically take a close look at your cervix and the cells on/around it. I think colposcopy can be done if you are pregnant - but this is exactly what your GP and Gyne should be sorting out for you.

I would do exactly what you've suggested, make an appointment with your GP ASAP so that s/he can make the colposcopy clinic aware that you're pregnant, and they can arrange further investigation/treatment as appropriate to you. Hopefully your GP can also put your mind at rest with further info anout your borderline changes, and what can/can't be done whilst pregnant. Don't let your GPs receptionist stand in your way!

Cervical cancer is very slow growing and takes many years to develop - you really should be fine.

Best of luck, keep us posted!

Lisa x x

*big hugz* Sorry you are going through this terribly scary time. The fact that the letter said borderline changes is good news. My smear results said high grade changes and I ended up having high grade precancerous cells which needed removing. If the letter says borderline, that would indicate very strongly that the changes are only mild. In many cases, with mild changes, no treatment is necessary and the abnormalities resolve themselves. In fact, in many cases, mild changes are not even checked with a colposcopy, but are just checked again in 6 to 12 months. This is what happened for me years ago when I had low grade abnormal cells. I had a check again in 12 months instead of 2 years and everything came back clear, and was clear for several years after.


It sounds like your doctors are being very thorough with you due to your being pregnant and stuff. Try not to get yourself into to much of a state. I know it's really hard, but you need to try and take some deep breaths and relax a bit. It's not doing you or the baby any good for you to be in this state of panic. And seriously, all the stress and worry in the world right now is not going to change the eventual outcome in the tiniest little bit. Take some time out to try and pamper yourself a little bit. I hope you can get some reassurance from your GP. *more big hugz*