Terrified please help

Hello ladies, my name is Alizee I'm 28 years old.

in 2011 I had my first smear which was abnormal (borderline), had another 2 smears afterwards and both were normal.

my last normal smear was May 2013. This month I had another smear which showed low grade dyskaryosis and HPV. I need to go for a colposcopy but not sure when yet although my doctor thinks in 8-12 weeks.

I've been in floods of tears and feeling absolutely petrified ever since I got the letter and am just so scared they diagnose CC at the colposcopy.

could anyone tell me what to expect and how likely they are to diagnose CC?

i have had no abnormal bleeding or pain, except sometimes pain during intercourse.

thank you

I  have been through exactly the samething as you, when I found out this time last year I was devastated. It still plays on my mind everyday, I didnt and I still am not dealing with it very well. However, its important to know the facts. The colposcopy will show how abnormal your cells are, this can go from CIN 1 to more severe changes to the cell  known as CIN 3. This is not CC but just abnormal cells due to the  HPV, which left untreated can later on turn to CC. 

You are doing the best thing by getting checked and you must remember you are lucky to have detected it. Im afriad you are just going to have to sit tight and wait  for the results of the colposcopy to determine your next step. HPV they say can remain in your body dormeant after 2 years. All you can do is try and stay healthy and exercise to try and boost your immune system which fights the HPV. You must also remember that abnormal cells are treatable, which means abnormal cells will not reappear but you will have to get PAP tests for often then  someone without HPV, having said that abnormal cells can come back for some people. 

I hope this has helped, I have tried to explain it the best I can. Good luck and  keep us posted. 

Hi Alizee,

I am so sorry to hear you are as frightened as you are, it isn't fun is it. I am no doctor but all I can suggest is that if your pap (smear) test showed low grade dyskariosis and you have had no symptoms to speak of then it is very unlikely that you will get a diagnosis of cancer at your colposcopy. 

Be lucky


Thanks for your answer.

what really confuses me is that on the letter it says all abnormal changes are 100% treatable, which sounds very reassuring yet on this forum many women going for colposcopies after abnormal tests end up being diagnosed with CC and have hysterectomies!?

i have no children and would really like some so I'm worried, I'm also worried I'll die. 

So confusing how some sources make it sound like its nothing to worry about and others really do?!

Hi Alizee,

I'll do my best to explain; about 80% of cervical cancers are in the squamous cells, which are the outer surface of the cervix and easily picked up during a pap test. about 20% of cervical cancers are glandular, or non-squamous, known as adenocarcinoma and hide themselves a bit higher up inside the cervix. If anything untoward is seen during your colposcopy they will take a biopsy and check out the cells to see precisely what is going on in there. If they do discover anything horrid you may be called back for a LLETZ procedure or possibly even a trachelectomy, though I honestly think that one is very unlikely. You won't be offered a hysterectomy until your life is in danger so please try not to jump the gun too far. I believe, though I couldn't swear to it, that if you are younger and have no children, they will do their very best to keep your reproductive functions in working order.

Another very important thing to note is that most women who walk away from their colposcopy with nothing horrid at all, also walk away from this forum and aren't here to give evidence. For the most part the people you find on the forum here are the small percentage of unlucky women who had to go as far as treatment. You may well be a lucky one who gets away :-)

Be lucky :-)


Thank you Tivoli, God bless you.

happy new year <3

I think you explained that better than my doctor thanks Tivoli