terrified of scan result tomorrow


Have read lots on here but this is my first post.

Had lletz treatment 6 weeks ago and 2 weeks later was told had early stage cc and would have a hysrectomy due to being post menopausal. As biopsy didn’t have clear margins need a cone biopsy to determine whether will need regular or radical hysterectomy.

Had MRI last week and have appointment tomorrow to get result.

Reason I am freaking out is because I started bleeding 7 days ago and I still am. I have also had cramps and lower back pain.

I had no problems after lletz and to start bleeding 5 weeks after would be unlikely though that is what I’m hoping and praying for.

Hi siobhan,

im not sure about the bleeding, hopefully somebody with more knowledge will be able to answer that for you soon. I really hope your scan results are ok tomorrow.

hugs xx

Hi Siobhan

It could be that you have an infection which is causing some bleeding.  The good news is that you can discuss it at your appointment tomorrow and i'm sure they will be able to sort you out.  Reading between the lines, I imagine you are panicking that your cancer is more advanced and causing the bleeding?  The docs are pretty accurate at defining the stage from biopsy/Lletz so i think this is very unlikley.  Best of luck with your appointment.  xxx

Thank you for your best wishes. I am worried I have something going on elsewhere. I was really positive about everything until this bleeding started. Hopefully it is an infection. xx


Relieved to report scan was clear. Doc doesn't know what's causing bleeding and cramps and has taken a swab though feels bit late in the day for an infection. Did say stress can have an impact on the body.

Another hurdle cleared

Siobhan x

Excellent news!

Relax and celebrate :-)