Terrified of results

I have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer.
I have been having bleeding after sex for a number of years and the doctors have been telling me it is normal. The start of this year I pushed for more tests for this.

Over the course of this year I have been examined a number of times including a internal scan, nothing abnormal was shown. I went in 2 weeks ago for a coloscopy and they took a biopsy as standard due to me having treatment on my cervix. It was this that picked up the cancer cells. Fast forward a week and they removed the cells with laser treatment, it was at this point they discovered a tumour with they are sure is cancer.

The cells around the tumor look healthy and the doctors don’t feel like it has spread. I am awaiting biopsy results for the tumor and PET scans followed by MRI. I am 35 with 2 young children and I am so scared the cancer has spread and they aren’t going to be able to do anything.

I am due to have a PET scan, followed by and MRI scan, then ore op before a hysterectomy, they are very confident this can happen by the start of August. The doctors are so positive it’s just in this one place but I can’t help but over think. My mind is thike a whirlpool with so many different scenarios going though it and I can’t seem to focus on positive.

I am due to get a call on Monday with my recent biopsy results and it feels like I lifetime away.

I don’t really know what is is I’m after to be honest. Feel like I needed to talk to people who have been through this or are going through this.

Been so strong up until today and can’t seem to keep it together

Hi Mary jayne

I would never have imagined the mental and emotional turmoil of a cancer diagnosis until it happened to me back in early 2017. I think the main problem to begin with is the intense fear that comes with not knowing exactly what we’re dealing with; as you say it’s difficult to focus on anything positive. I found it easier to deal with my emotions once I knew what stage my cancer was and then a treatment plan which became the thing to focus on.

I’m sorry you find yourself in this club that no one wants to be a member of but you’ve come to the right place; there’s lots of us here with a variety of experiences to support you. I know it can be a strong temptation but try not to google as it’ll just mislead and scare you even more.


Thank you for replying.
I was doing fine with little negative thoughts up until I laid next to my 5 year old last night, now I find myself in the biggest turmoil.

It has just all happened so suddenly, after months of examinations and everyone saying everything looks fine and healthy to suddenly we have found a tumor, and a full hysterectomy within the next few weeks. It’s just so sudden.
I have no fears over the hysterectomy at all it’s not knowing the full extent of the cancer. I’m not sure how to deal with any of this.
Found myself taking off my jewellery and mentally making a decision of which daughter would get what, it’s insane.