Terrified of attending smear

Hi im new here.

Ok so you are all going to think im pathetic but iam scared to death of going and getting my smear done. 

In 2005 I had an abormal one come back, I had a colposcopy and treatment under GA to get rid of whatever it was, I was never told. I also doscovered I had hpv at the time of all this happening when I accessed my medical records. Up until then I had no idea no one ever mentioned it. 

Now I had one smear done about 3 years ago and it came back as inconclusive.  I know o should have gone back but I just cant seem to go. I pertrified, I had a very rough gyne who actually caused me physical pain.

My history is endometriosis,  pcos, hpv, 2 children and a smoker. So im sure im a higher risk ?

I sont have any symptoms as far as im aware I have always suffered with bad periods although they do seems worse as ive got older. Very occasionally I have pain or tummy pain after sex but nothing consistant.

I know I need to go, but im terrified.  

Hi Hun,

I didn't want to read and not reply. I completely understand you will be terrified, but please don't let this stop you from going any longer. The longer you put it off the more apprehensive you will become, not to mention you are putting yourself at risk. Please don't think I am being harsh as I understand your reasons for not going but you never know, it could be 5 minutes of discomfort followed by 3 years of feeling at ease till the next one, following good results. Without going you never know what the outcome will be.

Maybe ask for a different doctor to perform the exam this time and mention all this before the proceedure. They will help to put you at ease.

You could even make an appointment to see your GP before booking your smear and explain the situation. They may be able to provide you with something to calm your nerves before you go.

Please let us know how you get on.



Thank you for your reply. 

It was a doctor who performed the last one because of my nerves :(. I k ow I need to rebook. Im going to try and do it tomorrow and get it over and done with .

I know I sound sooo silly. 

You don't sound silly at all after what you've been through.

I hope it all goes well for you xx

I agree with Fiona..5 mins and then it's over. I always attended my smears was unfortunate I slipped under radar....your health comes first maybe explain your fears beforehand. You are not being silly by the way. Let us know how you get on lea x

I completely understand your apprehension but to flip the coin a little, I’d go every single day for a smear for the rest of my life if it meant my life wouldn’t be turned upside down like it has been by cervical cancer! It can be uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing and sometimes they will find abnormalities and treat them Which can also be unpleasant.
Please book your appointment today, hope all goes well.

Please go. Worrying about may be is worse than knowing the facts. If you can't say it write your gp a note and hand it in at the desk. They will understand. Can you ask someone to go with you to hold your hand. Try to be brave, it's important. Big hug for you x

Hi thanks for your replies. 

Ivs been to the doctor today and yes im well ober due. I also found out I had cin3 removed all those years ago. 

She is sending me for an ultrasound on my tummy anyway as I have been bloated for ages and my periods have become heavier and longer. 

Im going to book a smear in. I cant at the moment as im on my period and dont know when it will end. So will wait till its done and book it in. 

Im not worried about the results as im sure it will be fine. 

Will let you know how I get on xx

Today is the day for the smear. Im feeling a bit worried as I have been poorly since writing the first time. 

M being sent to the hospital for more tests for other things so obvipusly my anxiety levels are very high. 


M just hoping that it is over and done witg quickly and that the results come back sooner rather than later. 

I also think she is going to tell me I have some form of prolapse as thibgs down there just dont feel right :(. 


Hope it goes ok today hun! I know its hard but try to relax, it'll be over before you know it xx

Thank you. Im more worried about my bits falling out than the actual smear lol. 

And im guessong this is gonna be easier than the colonposcopy I have coming up for my tummy problems. Its all going on at the moment. 

So I have just come out and omg the pain was awful. 

As soon as she started I felt pain and when she took the sample I coupd have cried. She said there was no reason for it to hurt. 

Im also now bleeding and worried that its gonna have to be repeated as there was blood on the sample. 

I told her that I was worried etc and Iit was like water off a ducks back. I also told her it was really hurting and she just ignored me, didnt even ask of I was ok before I left. 

After this if I have to go back im not sure I can :(. I just pray these come back ok and I dont need to go back.