Terrified, living hell, please help x

Hi guys,

Although I haven't been 'officially' diagnosed the indicators do point towards it- bleeding after intercourse and high-grade CGIN. I had my LLETZ this day last week and am back in for the results this day week (2 weeks is quick and she made the appointment right after the LLETZ was taken which makes me think that there will be further action taken and obviously they see it as urgent). Directly after the LLETZ I burst into tears, she asked me why I was crying and I said "I don't want to have cancer". She said "But I don't think you do" I am SO confused. Absolutely EVERYTHING I read says that this is going to be CC. I would not be as worried if it weren't for the post-coital bleeding, which happened twice. I have already had to take 2 days off work due to stress, I am exhausted, cannot sleep, have lost weight, can't have a conversation with anybody, am walking around in an absolute daze and have a pain in my chest from stress the whole time. I can't focus on anything. This week has been the worst week of my life and I know there is another full week of worry left. If the news is bad on Tuesday, how will I cope? I am barely hanging on to sanity here, it is like a living hell. I have good supportive friends and a good GP who I had a good chat with on Friday, he told me to calm down, he sees this stuff all the time. I called the cancer nurse and spoke to a colposcopist who said the same. They said worst case scenario is a hysterectomy in 10 years. How do they know ?? If that is the outcome I can deal with that. If not, well, I am so afraid for myself and for my parents who will have to face this with me, especially my dad. He is beside himslef with worry too. I feel so incredibly alone and I'm worried I will never get my life back, that I'll never look in the mirror and recognise myself again. At the moment I'm a total shell. PLEASE HELP guys, can anyone relate, does it get better? 

Try not to panic and look worse case if they have found cc it will be easily treated, there are many ways to preserve fertility have you been called back from the results or did they prebook an appointment? Xx

They pre-booked the appointment. Initially she said "I'll see you back in 3-4 weeks" but then a second later she said "I'll see you back in 2 weeks to stop you worrying" Xx

Has she sent a letter with an appointment? Don't worry mine said the same tey and not worry xx

I got the letter on the day, the consultant got it printed out then and there. Is this a bad sign ? Does that mean she knows something is wrong ? When she'd done the LLETZ she said "I think I got it all, don't worry". It's such a confusing time, I know I'm being a pain in the arse an analysing everything!! xx

They cant tell you anything on the day  hun x

It sounds to me that she could tell how anxious you were and was being a good doctor by getting you back as soon as she can and taking the time to explain your results.  I wish all Doctors were like that!  The chances of you having cc are very small and even if you did it would be early stage or they would have clearly been able to see it and they would not have done a Lletz.  They ONLY do a Lletz if they expect it to be curative. If they suspect cancer they take biopsies and do scans.  They don't tell you that they think all is fine for no reason so I would try not to worry too much in your situation - easier said than done I know xxxx   Good luck!

Thanks Nellie, you have actually really helped :)

What were your symptoms and how were they dealt with ? You are ok now ? xx

The two week wait is pretty standard for lletz results waiting time for these results in 99% of cases has no link to the outcome. The lletz is also diagnostic it's a more in depth biopsy, especially for cgin when cancer can be further up in the cervical canal. Try not to worry to much I know it's easier said than done the initial waiting is the worst part xx