Terrified. HPV. Similar results?

Hello everyone, 

I have had Hpv since my early twenties and have had cyrotherapy during that time to eliminate precancer cells.  My hpv has been very persistent. Recently I had a pap done and my results were that I now have hpv 18 (highest high risk form) but a normal pap. My doctor just advised that I have a repeat done in 6 months. 

Here's my issue. Everywhere I read I see that it hpv type 18 is detected a colposcopy is highly recommended..especially since my hpv is persistent. I asked my doctor about this and even got a second opinion but they said they will only do a colposcopy of my pap is abnormal. I feel like it they don't do it they may be missing something.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Or were you offered a colposcopy right away? Should I get a third opinion? I am so scared and don't know what to do. Please help.

Thank you



Hello, you mention that you've had hpv since your early 20s. How old are you now? I'm glad your Pap is normal. I was diagnosed with hpv last year and my Pap this year was abnormal. I have my first colposcopy on Friday, very scared. I've been married for the last ten years so I'm quite sure I have very persistent hpv 


I have had HPV since I was 24 and am 30 now. I'm scared since I've had high risk HPV for such a long time. I really wish they doctors would perform a colposcopy but they refuse. 

Which type of HPV do you have? High risk? 

I really hope your colposcopy went well and results some back fine.

Thanks for the reply, my colposcopy is later today. I'm quite scared as I've been having a lot of strange symptoms and I'm worried about what they may find.

I was just told that I have hpv (other) which means they don't know. Just that it's not 16 or 18. But there are several other high risk types it could be. I was also told it's integrated now and I've read that predominantly the oncogenic cancer causing hpv strains do that. Do you know if yours has integrated into your cells yet? I'm guessing that's why I can't seem to get rid of mine. 

Just be sure to inform your doctor of all your symptoms. You're getting the proper testing done. Hope everything goes well. Early detection of anything abnormal is key. 

As for my HPV being integrated, yes I believe mine is. I tested positive for e6/e7 which means it's in my DNA I believe. It's scary to think about. Even with my pap being normal I am still very scared because of the persistent  HPV 18 and the doctors not wanting to do a colposcopy but I think I'm still going to push for one.

Hi Golden :-)

At a Pap test a few cells are removed and tested for abnormality. Your tests have been negative for any kind of abnormality. During the Pap test the doctor taking the sample inspects your cervix and reports if they see anything worth reporting. In what way do you believe a colposcopy to be any different?

Be lucky :-)

Hi Golden,

Just to update - my smear results came back as ascus and then the colposcopy showed CIN1 and CIN2 cells. I had these removed by lletz a few weeks ago.

Luckily my doctor confirmed that the irregular bleeding and other strange symptoms were from something totally unrelated (a c section defect).

I have to attend another colposcopy in 4 months time.. interestingly my doctor has also prescribed the gardisil vaccine for me saying that it might help my immune system fight off the hpv. Have you considered having this vaccine if you haven't already? 

Here is the link to a study that I found: